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JINGLIDA So Young Formula, Price RM180


Jinglida – So Young Formula have benefit in Blood Circulation

What is Jinglida?
  • SYF is derived from natural herbal ingredients of the highest quality. It has undergone many years of professional studies, product development and testing, boasting patented technology for the extraction of four herbal essences.
There are many things you can do to help with your blood circulation problem. Don't let poor or bad circulation ruin your life!
Blood is the body's main internal transport system and proper circulation is vital for good health.
The importance of proper circulation
  • Blood sustains life. It delivers oxygen, nutrients and other essential substances, including vitamins and medicines to the different cells and tissues of the body. A deficiency in the supply or quality of blood will impair the quality of life and even compromise life itself.
  • Circulation is a major key to our health. Our blood carries all the nutrients and oxygen that our body needs in order for it to stay healthy. Poor circulation of blood in the body causes foreign and harmful waste to accumulate and become trapped in the tissues.

Why So Young Formula?

So Young Formula may improve blood circulation in the lungs and thus increase oxygen supply to the rest of the body. The circulative effect helps to enhance the elasticity of vessels and better blood flow. This will help to reduce the incidences of cardiovascular disease and improve others part of body organ as well.
So Young Formula may have strong effects on blood circulation. However, the effect is depending to the tolerance of each individual.

So, start with Jinglida – So Young Formula now!!

Prostate Problem
Poor blood circulation will affect the functions of various organs in our body, including the prostate gland.

i. The most common prostate problem is Benign Prostate Enlargement (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy, BPH) a condition in which the prostate gland increases in size causing a partial obstruction of the bladder.

ii. If the problem with prostate gland is not taken care of or controlled, it may progress into cancer mutation, leading to prostate cancer.

How SYF help

i. Amino acid from Cynomorium, cordyceps and spirulina

  • This L-arginine helps to increase the release of nitric oxide, which is important in initiating the erectile process
  • Increased blood flow to the smooth muscle spongy tissue in the male reproductive organ
  • Relax the smooth muscles which control urine flow


Hypertension, commonly referred to as "high blood pressure" or HTN, is a medical condition in which the blood pressure is chronically elevated.

Two forms of high blood pressure have been described:

  1. Essential hypertension is a far more common condition and accounts for 95% of hypertension. The cause of essential hypertension is multifactorial, that is, there are several factors whose combined effects produce hypertension.
  2. In secondary hypertension, which accounts for 5% of hypertension is a specific abnormality in one of the organs or systems of the body, such as kidney disease or certain tumors (especially of the adrenal gland).

Hypertension happens due to deposits of cholesterol plaque along the arteries walls, as results harden and constrict of arteries. Because the arteries are constricted, the blood exerts great force against the walls of the blood vessels, causing the blood pressure to rise.

How SYF help

i. Cordyceps

  • Lower blood pressure that is too high and can actually increase blood supply.
  • Slow down the heart rate, increase the blood supply to the heart and arteries and also increase the total blood volume of the heart.
  • Relaxes the blood vessel walls so blood flow is increased to the heart and blood pressure is lowered.
  • Help lower the bad cholesterol, the low density lipoproteins (LDL) so common in heart disease.


A stroke, also called a cerebral vascular accident or CVA, is a sudden, often crippling disturbance in blood circulation in the brain.

i. Interruption in blood circulation may be the result of a burst artery or of an artery that has become closed off because a blood clot has lodged in it.

ii. A burst blood vessel, which may occur in a weak area in the artery, or a blood vessel that becomes plugged by a floating blood clot no longer supplies blood to the brain tissue beyond the point of the occurrence.

iii. If a larger blood vessel is involved the result may be the total paralysis of one side of the body. Damage to the right hemisphere of the brain will result in injury to the left side of the body, and vice versa.

How SYF help

i. Ganoderma - Ganoderma polysaccharides help in promotes good blood circulation by eliminating thrombi in the blood streams.

Cardiovascular disease

The human heart is a muscular pump. The heart is responsible for pumping the blood to every cell in the body. It is also responsible for pumping blood to the lungs, where the blood gives up carbon dioxide and takes on oxygen.

i. Cardiovascular disease refers to the class of diseases that involve the heart or blood vessels (arteries and veins). While the term technically refers to any disease that affects the cardiovascular system, it is usually used to refer to those related to atherosclerosis (arterial disease).

ii. Fatty deposits cause this, most notably cholesterol, on the interior walls of the coronary arteries. When the walls become narrowed or occluded, they reduce the blood flow to the heart muscle. If the artery remains open to some degree, the reduced blood flow is noticed when the heart is under stress during periods of rapid heartbeat.

How SYF help

i. Ganoderma

  • Is known to have immune enhancing effects.
  • Posses certain effects on the circulatory system, primarily in treating angina and other accompanying symptoms of coronary heart disease.
  • Ganoderma eliminates cholesterol build-up and promotes blood circulation.


The kidneys are organs that filter wastes (such as urea) from the blood and excrete them, along with water, as urine. Each kidney receives its blood supply from the renal artery, two of which branch from the abdominal aorta. Therefore blood supply is intimately linked to blood pressure.

How SYF help

i. Cordyceps

  1. The use of cordyceps dates back to ancient China as a famous kidney and lung tonic.
  2. It was used to rebuild the body after long term illness.
  3. Excellent clinical results help in those have weakened kidneys, even those in chronic kidney failure.


Too much glucose in the blood for a long time can cause diabetes problems. This high blood glucose, also called blood sugar, can damage many parts of the body, such as the heart, blood vessels, eyes, and kidneys. Heart and blood vessel disease can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

Diabetes is treatable, but even when glucose levels are under control, it greatly increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. In fact, most people with diabetes die of some form of heart or blood vessel disease. Part of the reason for this is that diabetes affects cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Often people with diabetes also have high blood pressure, increasing their risk even more.

How SYF help

i. Spirulina

  • Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) in Spirulina effectively reduces cholesterol
  • Beta-carotene nourishes eyesight
  • Chlorophyll helps in building new liver cells and producing sufficient amounts of the hormone insulin.
  • Cystine is another amino acid in Spirulina which supplies insulin for the pancreas.

Do I really need it?

Conduct a self-check, do you face the following conditions?

  1. Poor blood circulation
  2. Hypo tension & hypertensions
  3. Poor kidney and liver function
  4. Lack of energy and tired
  5. Often fall sick (poor immune system)
  6. Problem in urination and bladder (thin urine flow, slow urination, intermittent urine flow, residual urinary, frequent urination, urination difficulty, blood in urine and semen)
  7. Low back pain and weakness
  8. Premature ejaculation
  9. Decreased libido
  10. Abnormal level of blood glucose
  11. Having sleeping problem

So Young Formula (SYF)

SYF is derived from natural herbal ingredients of the highest quality, combining precious Chinese herbal medicine essences, optimizing warranted and patented technology.

  • It has undergone many years of professional studies
  • Product development and testing
  • Boasting patented technology for the extraction of four herbal essences

Using direct extraction and processing technology, this valuable active ingredient is retained fully and plays a pivotal role to bring out such wonderful effects.

  • SYF correspond with GMP standard
  • Passed through many strict laboratory tests such as in Malaysia (Consolidated Laboratory (M) S/B) and in Singapore (ALS Laboratory Group) proved that SYF does not contain any stimulant, heavy metal and aphrodisiac item.
  • SYF ingredients and functions have obtained approval from Yayasan Bakti Khidmat Masyarakat Malayasia (YBKMM is a government support charity organization), recognizing that SYF is effective and a safe health supplement.
  • Company has purchased the SYF product liability up to RM2, 000,000 to add consumer’s confidence and assurance towards the product.
  • Obtained Halal certificate from HALAL FOOD COUNCIL. S.E.A

The safety ness of SYF

  • SYF suitable for all level of people
  • Even for diabetics and people of high blood pressure as well as heart problem

It can easily be absorbed by our body, enhanced the body’s energy and physical strength, adjust physiological function, improve blood circulation, anti aging, strengthens immunity, protect liver and reduces fatigue.

As numerous case studies proved the effectiveness, stability and safety of the product, taking it daily keeps the body at its best while restoring youthfulness.


  • Prostate problems - such as a prostate inflammation, benign prostate hyperplasia, prostate cancer etc
  • Often having difficulty in urination ( not easy urinating, thin urine flow, urination slows down, urination is interrupted midway, incomplete urination, residual urine, frequent urinating, hematuria and so on)
  • Poor energy and lack of concentration
  • Impotence or erectile dysfunction
  • Often feels dizzy and fatigued
  • Weak urinary bladder and kidney
  • Smoking or often takes in second-hand smoke
  • Frequent intake of soft drink or alcohol
  • Often work under pressure / stressful
  • Hands and feet feels cold
  • Weak immune system
  • Often inhales waste gas, e.g: Carbon monoxide and gasoline
  • Often dyes hair and uses substances with massive chemical compositions
  • Frequent usage of mobile phones, microwave oven, computer, television and other equipments that emit unhealthy rays
  • Anyone who wants to pay great attention to health and to prevent disease
  • Suffering from insomnia
  • Unhealthy eating habits: often eat barbecued / fried food, processed food (coloring, preservative)
  • Abnormal blood pressure

How do I take SYF correctly?

If your physical condition is good, you may take a packet daily. However if you experience severe healing crisis after the first trial or your body feel heat, you may take a packet on alternate days or reduce dosage for duration of two weeks. Later, when the healing crisis has disappeared, you may increase the dosage to a packet everyday.

Try to avoid raw, spicy and exotic food. Reduce smoking and alcohol intake. Do rest and be relaxed to ensure its effectiveness. Drink a lot of water after consuming SYF.

* For patients with chronic diseases: hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes, please consult your nutritionist or dietitian before taking SYF. *


SYF is rich with active ingredients and nutrients as stated below, is very effective in improving the body system, making sure that our body works properly and maintains its youthfulness :

Main active ingredients and supplementary effects

1.Ganoderma polysaccharides

Enhances the immune system, suppresses the growth of tumor, scavenges the free radicals, anti-radiation, enhances liver function, increases the ability of DNA & RNA in blood, and for longevity.


Important organic compound in organism helps to reduce pain, contains soothing purpose, anti-histamine, detoxification.


Essential organic compound for human body, main element for cholesterol and sexual hormones and increase libido.

4.Purine Nucleocide

Helps to calm nerves and anti-oxidation.

5.Ganoderma fiber

Reduces cholesterol, prevents arteriosclerosis, constipation, diabetes mellitus, reduces high blood pressure and cerebral thrombosis.

6.Cordyceps polypeptide

Reduces stress and dilates the blood vessels, helps in congestion and improves the reaction of erection.


Detoxifies, kills germs, contains antioxidants and enhances immune system.


Detoxifies, deodorizes, kills germs, sterilizes and promotes wound healing, high antioxidant and anti-aging.

9.Spirulina polysaccharides

Anti-tumor, anti-virus, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-thrombosis, lowers blood sugar level and enhances immune system.

10.Nucleic Acid

Carries human genetic information, helps in genes and cells repair.


Essential fatty acids, also as a precursor for prostate fluid. Helps to improve prostate problem, degenerative diseases, arthritis and heart disease.


According to Chinese medicinal theory, Cordyceps has medical benefits on the lung and kidney. From the medical point of view, it is widely used to treat acute and chronic bronchitis, asthma and pulmonary emphysema. Cordyceps can also be used to invigorate kidney, often used to treat erectile dysfunction and lack of semen problem.

Cordyceps is recognized as a health supplement in Chinese traditional medication and is also one of the top three China’s most valuable herbs besides Ginseng and deer’s antters. According to the ancient book of record, Cordyceps have the effects in prolonging and strengthening lives, anti aging, help in lung breathing and benefits in curing erectile problem.

Cordyceps contain Cordyceps polypeptide, which is the most precious active ingredient. It is extracted from the caterpillar and egg by using high technology, passed through distillation, separation and extract out the fungus albumen by using the latest bio-engineering technology. Even small amount of Cordyceps polypeptide has remarkable result because its tiny molecules allow it to be easily absorbed by the body.

Most of the market’s cordyceps are usually mixed with massive unpolished rice. Cordyceps polypeptide contains six kinds of polypeptide compounds. Based on research, here are the remarkable results :

  • Benefit to lung and kidney.
  • Improves kidney inflammation and kidney failure function.
  • Improves vitality.
  • Contains soothing purpose.
  • Diminishes inflammation.
  • Anti oxidant.
  • Anti tiredness.
  • Anti aging.
  • Anti tumor.
  • Anti virus.
  • Strengthens immune system.
  • Improves heart beat rate.
  • Enhances fat metabolism.
  • Enhances beauty.
  • Cures cough and asthma.
  • Reduces inflammation.


Ganoderma Lucidum is one of the extremely precious medicinal values of fungus. Since ancient time, it is recognized as a symbol of prosperity, riches, and honors the longevity of lives. It has been recognized in Chinese tradition medicine in strengthening health. Since ancient time, the royal family used Ganoderma to treat several diseases and enhance the immune system, while the Taoists regarded it as a medicine of longevity.

Chinese tradition health book recorded that Ganoderma can calm the nerves, add advantages to the lung and liver. It is also suitable for those suffering from insomnia, cough, pneumonia and weak body. This is because it contains ganoderma phenol, triterpenes, germanium, and adenine active ingredients. The quality of Ganoderma is dependent on the polysaccharide and ganoderma acid.

So Young Formula have chosen the highest quality in Ganoderma by extracting its excellent essence and matches well with other herbs, which complements one another for better effect and work effectively in the body. Below are the remarkable results from the scientific research :

  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Reduces blood pressure.
  • Contains soothing purpose.
  • Strengthens immune system.
  • Antioxidant and anti aging.
  • Anti tumor.
  • Anti inflammation.
  • Anti bacteria.
  • Improves sleep.
  • Anti allergy problem.
  • Anti blood platelet aggregation.

Modern research of Ganoderma lucidum in the 20th century was done during the beginning of the 70’s. Many clinical reports pointed out that, ganoderma lucidum has many beneficial effects to cure many kinds of diseases like the chronic trachea, asthma, coronary disease, angina pectoris, high blood lipid content, neurasthenia, hepatitis, reduction of white blood cells. Most of the clinical reports also indicated that ganoderma lucidum caused very few side effects when using it to treat the diseases mentioned above.

Spirulina Polypeptide

The spiral alga that exists on Earth has 35 hundred million years in history, and spirulina polypeptide has the most nutrient in value. Discovery of spiral started since ancient time. At night the spiral will attract the dew to reproduce. When it is dried up it will appear as white salty powder, have good taste, contains rich protein, which is sufficiently enough for human body’s daily food supply. The spiral algae has the formidable green vitality, because it contains rich blue algae elements, chlorophyll, protein, others active elements and polypeptide.

The algae phenol is water-soluble and purified from the spiral algae. Based on research it has been discovered that spiral algae has the special composition, which has special health care effects. The special effects include :

  • Anti tumor.
  • Anti virus.
  • Antioxidant.
  • Anti aging.
  • Anti blood clot.
  • Lowers blood glucose.
  • Improves immune system.
  • Effectively reduces the muscle catabolism.
  • Reduces the body catabolism speed.
  • Helps to restore the physical strength.


Mr. Lau J.K.

43 years old, Insurance Underwriter, Klang.

I just want to write and say thank you for recommending 'SYF' to me. I have been experiencing premature ejaculation and could only last a few minutes and then it was over. Now I have a lot of stamina and my erection is harder and I can last longer. The best thing is that I can have sex more than once a night for the first time since I was in my early 20'. 'SYF' has really made me feel like a young man again. Thank you.

Captain Derrick Ong

45 years old, SIA pilot, Subang Jaya.

After my divorce, I began dating again. But can you imagine it, every time I 'GOT LUCKY', the whole thing fell flat & I just couldn't perform. Exercise helped a little, but I just wasn't the man I used to be. Things were going from bad to worse and I even stopped dating because I was so anxious. And this thing has been going on for almost 2 years now. Eventually a social friend told me about 'SYF' and I thought to myself 'what have I got to lose?'. Two weeks later, I just can't get enough of it.

Mr. Kevin Lee

48 years old, SPA Public Relationship Director, Penang.

I have to say, I have tried so many times to "will" myself into an erection and it only makes matters worse. I didn't want to be using prescription drugs (like Viagra which has very bad side effects) in order to have good sex. Though it may help but I don't think I would get the stamina that I use to have in my teenage years. But with 'SYF', now I don't have to. I'd recommend your product to anyone who is looking for fuller erections or to anyone who has trouble getting erections. It will definitely improve your love life.

Mr. Tan B.H.

57 years old, Accounting & Cooperate Director, Petaling Jaya.

I am 57 years old, and like many men my age, have an enlarged prostate problem which was frequently forcing me to get up in the middle of the night in order to urinate. I began taking 'SYF' about a month ago and now sleeping comfortably through the night. I would recommend this wonderful chinese herbal product to anyone with the same problem.

Mr. Simon Thong

32 years old, Bank Loan Officer, Kuala Lumpur.

I have been suffering from intense stress which I believe it was due to my job as a Loan Officer in one of the most prestigious bank. I've also lost my hair and felt no interest in sex nor enjoyed it. Every time I tried to have sex, my erection was weak and I ended up feeling nervous that I would finish too quickly. I started taking 'SYF' about 2 months ago. After only 10 days (1 sachet per day), I can feel the difference. My morning erection is now frequently strong and hard. Best of all, I found that I can now go on for much longer. I felt like a great man again. Thank you very much for introducing such a 'GREAT ' product to me.

Mr. Chew P.T.

50 years old, Sales & Marketing Executive Director, Penang.

My sexual stamina skyrocketed after taking your 'SYF'. I am so thankful that you have taken the care to introduce me such great product. The product works exactly as you said how it would. I get hard faster, keep my erection longer, and have plenty of stamina. I have gone from having sex once every two weeks to 2 to 3 times a week. Thanks for such great product.

Mr. Jeff

50 years old, Marketing & Advertising Firm Owner, Kuala Lumpur.

I have been taking 'SYF' for about 3 months now. I am in tune with my body, and have eaten healthy & exercise constantly for many years. So it was with some disappointment that I began to notice in my late 40's that my previously always active libido seemed to be fading away, and I was beginning to have trouble sustaining erections through intercourse. This was a slow insidious change that I did not notice first. Perhaps of even more concerned, I noticed that I was less interested, and even apathetic at times to the opposite sex. I was discouraged by this lack of interest and performanced.

I learned about 'SYF' through a friend of mine. At first, I was skeptical and a bit apprehensive, but I tried it anyway. I did not notice any effects after the first 4 days, and only a slight effect after the fifth day. But by the 2nd week, it was apparent that something was happening! I began to get spontaneous erections, upon waking up in the morning, in the middle of the day, or while driving. I don't remember getting spontaneous erections since my teenage years. What amazing results for someone who recently was having trouble getting erections at all. I have stuck to the product, consistently taking it. I can get multiple erections daily and they last much longer. Most importantly, my libido has increased many folds since I started 'SYF'. Overall, this product has improved my quality of life. I am compelled to give this testimonial because I believe this is really an excellent product that could help many men my age.

Dr. Lawrence Wong

58 years old, Manufacturer plant owner, Shah Alam.

Five years ago, I had been experiencing a very gradual increase in the frequency of impotency, as is probably the case with many men in their fifties. When the problems arose (failed to arise) about 50% of the time, I became concerned, and thought about seeking help. Then cancer struck my wife and my physical problems seemed minor. I ignored them for four years until she died last year.

At present time, I have no intimate relationships. However, I decided to try 'SYF' in the hopes of improving my sexual health in the future. I have noticed some very definite physical changes. I do have a great increased incidence of spontaneous erection, which used to occur two to three times a week, and now occurs twice or more in a day, especially upon waking. They are full, long lasting erections. This is a completely new event, and very encouraging to me for my future.

Mr. Lim M.H.

I was just about to give up with 'SYF' when after taking it for 1 week. Then I began to notice better erections and finally being able to sleep longer without having to wake up to urinate. I was waking up at least every hour every night. Now it is only 1 or 2 times a night and hopefully improving. You must give 'SYF' a chance to notice the result. Believe me it does work! Thank you very much for such a wonderful product.

Mr. Federrick Bu

48 years old, Real Estate Manager, Petaling Jaya.

I've suffered from premature ejaculation my entire life. It affected my relationship with my partner who is in her early 40s (they called it 'the Tigeress years') and my confidence level in and out of the bedroom. Although my partner did not complain about our sex life, I feel very embarrassed & most recently I found that my erection was not as hard as it used to be. I've being trying to search for a reliable male enhancer but some how I didn't try them even though I have all the information.

I was introduced to 'SYF' by my friend who has been in the health line for more than 18 years. I feel confidence taking it not because of the product itself but rather due to this friend of mine. He is always being honest and true to his word. Five days after consuming the product, I experienced amazing results. I wouldn't have believe it if I have not tested it myself. It has improved my performance ever since. My alarm clock is my erection in the morning. My wife is so satisfied that she has being introducing it to her friends. Thank you very much & best wishes to you & your associates.

Mr. Tong

60 years old, Business owner, Subang.

Whilst at the age of 60, I still have an excellent sex drive without taking any "so-called" male enhancer. I was given 4 sample sachets of 'SYF' during my recent gathering about a month ago. I still have hesitation taking it until my friend decided to take it back. I would have never known the power of 'SYF' if I haven't try it. I had the hardest erection on the second day after I took it. What a terrific difference it has made, and I find the effects lasts more than 3 days. I've decided to take it for the remainder of my life. Thank you.

Mr. Ang T.H.

48 years old, Marketing Director, Kuala Lumpur.

I am writing to tell you that I am very pleased with your product 'SYF'. I have spent well over thousand of ringgit over the years. Although those products did work wonderfully for me, but I am afraid I will need to depend on them for the rest of my life. They worked well but the problems were that it will give you much discomfort, like headache, heart pumping, blurred vision & insomnia. Thanks to 'SYF', I don't feel the side effects which I have mentioned just now. I only experienced a slight headache & legs numbness (healing crisis) for the first 3 days, but it disappeared after I continued taking it. I've been taking it for almost 2 months now. I have to admit it that it works so well as if I have not taken any enhancer prior to having sex. 'SYF' it works ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Thanks.

Mr. W.K.Chang

53 years old, Business owner, Kuala Lumpur.

To be frank, I was an ardent user of another brand until it went off the market recently. That was a great product although the price is literally high as compared to those in the market (RM 490 per box). What was important was that it saved my marriage. I needed a replacement that works just as well, if not better. I tested several promising brand. It work well too but I just hated the side effects. I didn't expect much from 'SYF' when I was given a sample but when I took it, it was very awesome. I can now say that I have found the PERFECT replacement for my old brand.

Mr. Lee

60 years old, Malacca.

I consumed 2 sachet of 'SYF' and 2 days later, the responsed was my "little brother" became younger and healthier again. At the same time, I felt my body became stronger and more energetic! Really feel great!

Mr. Loh B.H.

56 years old, Contractor, Kuala Lumpur.

I have tried virtually all brands of fast-acting enhancer in the market. A few did give me the desired effect, I had to line with major side effect, including headaches, indigestion & heart palpitation. Sometimes I managed to ignored it, but often, the discomfort was so bad that I had to forego sex! When 'SYF' was offered to me, I grabbed the opportunity to "test drive" it. I immediately took 2 sachets on that day, and I had the hardest erection the next morning. I kept on having the erection through out the day & funny thing was that I wasn't even thinking dirty. Thanks for this wonderful product.

Mr. Thomas J. Warren

60 years old, Investment Banker, Kuala Lumpur.

I have been experiencing prostate related symptoms for 6 to 7 years now. During the first few years I noticed gradually that when I urinated, the stream would spurt in all directions, much like a garden hose would when it was pinched between my fingers. I also noticed after some time feelings of urgency to urinate, but when I went to the bathroom, little more than a trickle would appear. Trips to the bathroom at night were becoming more frequent. I also noticed a slight discomfort in my rectum at times, as if some small object was lodged there.

Three years ago, my doctor told me my symptoms were common among men my age, and they were probably related to my prostate. About two years ago, I began noticing that I rarely woke up with an erection any more, and trips to bathroom at night were becoming more frequent, and the uncontrollable spray when I urinated was becoming increasingly out of control and more frustrating.

Two months ago, my social friend told me he will be importing a new product called 'SYF' & gave me a sample to try. He told me it was made of chinese herbs and that this product sold in Japan had been doing very well for a few years now.

I began taking it as directed. After 4 days, I woke up one morning with an erection, which hadn't occurred in 3 years. By the time I finished one pack, I noticed the urgency to urinate was far less frequent, and the stream did not splash in all directions as it had. These functions have all become very much like normal.

What 'SYF' has done for me makes me very happy. Although I had no problems getting aroused to have sex, the fact that I no longer woke up with erection was troubling to me. All the problems mentioned above have been reduced enormously. I have been telling my friends about the remarkable success I have had with 'SYF' and will continue doing so.

Mr. Johan

55 years old, Engineer, Kuala Lumpur.

Over the last 3 yrs, I have probably bought most of the sex enhancer available in the market and on the internet. Alas, none worked for me because of my serious health problems. I am writing to you to express my appreciation because your company is the ONLY one that gave me the confident through your lab test & 'SYF' really works with just 3 sachets.

Mr. Lim

50 years old, Interior Designer, Negeri Sembilan

My sexual performance has deteriorated for the past couple of years. After being introduced to 'SYF' and consuming a few sachets, I felt ache all over my body which lasted almost a week. I continued to consume 'SYF' since I knew that it is actually a process of improving my bodily function. I felt good after consuming as my mind feels more relaxed and can sleep well without any night urination. The greatest response was 'SYF' improved my performance as a man tremendously.

Mr. Larry Aw

48 years old, Interior Designer, Kuala Lumpur.

Prior to becoming an 'SYF' fan, I'd used to take a very popular chinese herbal enhancer that got taken off the market recently by the Ministry of Health. But I would say in all fairness, it worked like a charm, and you could have sex like 3 times in a row with it. The only problems were, it give you a "F…….." headache and sometimes you'll feel nauseated. It just didn't feel good despite the 'kick' it provided. With 'SYF' though, I can go at it for more than 3 times and NOT have to suffer a headache or feel nauseated. In fact, with 'SYF', I feel pretty darn good. Thank you so much.


50 years old, Negeri Sembilan

I suffered erectile dysfunction for almost six years due to diabetes. I tried many methods including traditional Chinese medicine but nothing helped. After consuming a few sachets of 'SYF', I felt alive again and now, I just can't live without it. The best thing is that I became stronger and I do not always feel sleepy compared to the time before I consumed 'SYF'.


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